People I would like to meet

Ok  for the first blogging challenge we have to list 10 people we would like to meet and what we would ask them soooo……

1) Rick Riordan (because he is my inspiration XD ), what helps you focus when you are writing your books?

2) Tim Burton, I would ask him how he comes up with all of his amazing movie ideas?

3) Breeyana, what is your life like were you live? Do you like vanilla ice cream?

4) todd haberkorn (He’s the voice actor for Italy in Hetalia), what got you into voice acting and how did you master doing accents so well?

5) Michael Tatem (He’s the voice actor for France in Hetalia), what is life like for a voice actor? Is it fun?

6) King Arthur, what’s it like to go from a nobody to the king just like that?

7) J.R.R Token, what inspired you to write the “Lord of the Rings” series?

8) George Washington, was it hard to get people to listen and follow your ideas?

9) Micheal Phelps, what helps you push through all your practices?

10) James Patterson, what gave you the idea to write your books in manga and book form?

2 thoughts on “People I would like to meet

  1. I love you already! People who you want to meet just got an A+ from me!!!! You watch Hetalia, read James Patterson, Rick Riordan, J.R.R. Tolken, and like King Arthur. I categorize you as AWESOME! Have you every watched the show Merlin? You would like it, its based of King Arthur! (BBC version). I love anime too! My favorites are Naruto and Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood! But, I do like Hetalia too! Check out my blog at! 🙂

  2. Hey Eiliana, it’s me again. You’re so nice to put me XD I actually put you in my post as well!! Oh and I’ve started watching this old anime Bleach. I’m like on episode 23 I think O.O Is there an anime you are watching right now? I hope we mmet someday!! XD BYE!!

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